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Oliver’s Favourite Books
2011, BBC Radio 4
Oliver does With Great Pleasure for Radio4, a half hour programme picking his favourite books
Oliver James and David Irving interview
Part 1
Oliver James and David Irving interview
Part 2
Nightwaves – Undercurrents
18/09/2002, BBC Radio 3Oliver James debates with Stephen Pinker on the BBC Radio 3 programme Nightwaves.

Upping Your Ziggy

Oliver is interviewed about Upping Your on Radio 2 by Jeremy Vine

Not in your Genes

March 2016, Listen to Oliver James combatively presenting his views on radio 4 Start the Week

Contented Dementia

You and Yours
07/08/08, BBC Radio 4
Oliver James discusses Contented Dementia on the You and Yours programme.


BBC Radio 4 Bookclub
Psychologist Oliver James puts his case against Affluenza – a virus he says is sweeping through the English speaking world. Written just before the advent of the credit crunch, he points out that we’re richer than ever but we’re unhappier and that the aspiration to and trappings of affluence are emotionally harmful to us. In the book he offers some iconoclastic remedies.
Are we tightening our belts?
11/10/2008 – The Today Show
It has been a disastrous week on the financial markets – but what will the long-term effects be, not just on the financial system but on the way we live our lives? Oliver James and Dominic Sandbrook, an historian, discuss whether we will be changing our financial habits.
Brian Draper – Thought for the Day
Brian Draper sings the praises of Affluenza.

14/05/2007, Today, BBC Radio 4
Oliver James with Tom Hodginkson talking about happiness on Today
You and Yours
13/02/2007, You and Yours, BBC Radio 4
An episode of You and Yours devoted to a phone-in with Oliver James about Affluenza
The Jeremy Vine show
24/01/2007, Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2
Oliver and Daniel Ben-Ami have a rematch
Affluenza on Today
24/01/2007, Today, BBC Radio 4
Oliver debates Daniel Ben-Ami on the Today show
Are we too impatient?
24/03/2006, Today, BBC Radio 4
Oliver James challenges Stelios about Easy money on Today

They F*** You Up

New Labour’s Children’s plan
12/12/07, PM, BBC Radio 4
Oliver James on New Labour’s Children’s plan on the PM programme
Oliver James on CBT
11/10/07, PM, BBC Radio 4
Oliver James discusses CBT on the PM programme
Family Feuds
03/06/2003, Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4
Have you ever had a row with somebody in your family? Almost definitely. But have you had a dispute so serious that somebody left home or that ended in people not speaking to each other? Psychologist Oliver James and Shaks Ghosh of Crisis join Jenni on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour to discuss Family Feuds.
All in the Mind
18/09/2002, All in the Mind, Radio 4
Dr Raj Persaud talks to Oliver James about re-writing the script of our family dramas.
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