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Louis dribbling a ball


Prozac Diary
1995, BBC2
Is a fragile emotional state necessary for great art? Four successful artists take Prozac to see how it affects their art. This is their diary

Room 113 – Private Lives
Channel 4
A compilation of the best bits from the Bafta award-winning programme featuring interviews with Ruby Wax, Jackie Collins, Jeffrey Archer, and more. Ends with the whole of the Stephen Fry interview.


BBC Newsnight
Oliver demands an apology for neoliberalism on Newsnight from politicians Theresa May (Tory) and Tony Macnulty (Labour)
The Politics Show
Oliver James on the politics show

Britain on the couch

New Britain on the Couch
1999, Channel 4
Watch part one of two Channel 4 documentaries about why we are unhappier that we were in the 1950s, despite being better off.

New Britain on the Couch: Consumed
1999, Channel 4
Part two of two. Oliver James looks at the causes and cures for depression.

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