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References for Oliver James’ Critique of CBT

EXAMPLES OF EVIDENCE THAT CBT DOES NOT WORK IN THE LONG-TERM FOR ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION: This 2004 review of the evidence by Drew Westen: 04 psych_bull This 2005 large report of a long-term study of the efficacy of CBT:  L-TERM CBT This 2012 follow-up of 8 clinical trials of CBT: Durham_2012_Journal-of-Affective-Disorders A 2009 META-META ANALYSIS SHOWING THAT […]

Office Politics should be embraced…

  The expression ‘office politics’ has got a bad name. We think of them as something undesirable, unwholesome, toxic. In my book they are far from bad, just an inevitable part of professional life. They must be embraced with as much humour, self-conscious deliberation and wisdom as possible. On a daily basis, it’s absolutely inevitable […]

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